Palm Reading is the ancient science of reading personality and individual traits through the shape, and lines on the hand.

The future cannot be told as the lines especially are just a ‘reflection’ of the way we think, the patterns of neurons in the brain, or rivers of thought.

This fascinating science can help to understand the way we individually react to the world around us, point out our strengths, and encourage us to work on our weak points, and over time we can see changes measured on our hands.

It can help show us, and support us, in how we all express our unique divinity to the world.

I read from an office in Akaroa – 39 Rue Lavaud (upstairs beside the Brasserie) in the weekends. Pigeon Bay or home visits by appointment.


$60 a session (approx an hour)

$100 for couples or doubles (friends, siblings etc)

Groups negotiable

Online: $50 email me photos of hands, then we talk online.

Txt/Call me 0274 984 520 or email for an appointment


Introduction to Palm Reading Course

2 March 2019 9.30am – 12.30pm

Hoon Hay Community Centre, Christchurch