Palm Reading is the ancient science of reading personality and individual traits through the shape, and lines on the hand.

I am a Modern Palm Reader with the understanding that the lines are a reflection of our neural pathways or thought processes, and can and do change over time.

In a Modern Palm Reading, we can read the ‘neural programme’ you are running at this point of time and some of the history that may of influenced the line positions. We can also read any potential changes to the programme that may be beneficial in your life.

We also discuss the interesting ways that the lines change. The changes are a partnership between man and God/Source/Universal Energy and occur when we work within this partnership in a balanced way.

This fascinating science can help to understand the way we individually react to the world around us, point out our strengths, and encourage us to work on our weak points, and over time we can see changes measured on our hands.

It can help show us and support us, in how we all express our unique divinity to the world.

I read from two main locations:

AKAROA – Saturdays & Sundays – 39 Rue Lavaud (upstairs beside the Brasserie).
PIGEON BAY – Weekdays – Home Office


$70 Single

$120 Double – couples/friends/siblings

$60  On Line – Photos and phonecall

$50 Follow ups

Groups negotiable

I can also do home visits when appropriate (plus travel costs).

Sessions are approximately and hour and include notes you take away with you.


Txt/Call me 0274 984 520 or email for an appointment ✋


Thank You for your feedback and recommendations:
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🙏 Fiona