Meditative Art – Working with the Denseness, Light into Denseness

Posted By On 27 Apr 2022

Life! It has ups and downs, highs and lows, sometimes long suffering, patience and periods of depression. All fine.

I think we have been conditioned somewhat to only want or expect the happy bits, the light bits, the joy….and we judge, push away or hate the other parts.

This image reminds that All States are part of the Whole, and even in these states we judge or label as negative there is a kind of perfection, learning or growth but we have to work with them, allow them and know that an eternal light or perfected Love sits behind Everything.

Often it’s not obvious straight away, and it may take some time to work with these denser energies, but the light is always working, working working through these states.

Allow them, work with them, know that at some stage, all will be revealed.
Keep Going

‘You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free’

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