I believe meditation is an important part of life. Most other animals do this naturally 🙂 They sit/integrate/rest let life pass by as a natural pause, then resume their active day.

I find that if we do this regularly, it allows ‘life’ things to process/file/settle and decisions can become clearer and actions in the day more present and aware.

There are multiple ways to meditate, but most of them include just stopping, pausing and becoming present.

Unfortunately for many of us we have to re-learn, and for a while discipline ourselves to carve out the space and time for meditation.

I offer an experience of this practise, the gentle stretching that prepares us to sit quietly, then the sitting, and then the gentle integration back into our natural regular daily lives.

I believe this kind of practise will be common place in the future and offer an experience of this daily rhythm.

I run daily sessions, weekly classes and weekend retreats sessions from my home in Pigeon Bay.

DAILY – Reserved for accommodation guests on-site

WEEKLY –  5 – 6.30pm Thursdays

Sessions include:

Preparation – Some breathing & stretching (I promote individual intuitive movements or yoga here) or you can lightly follow me.

Formal sitting (approx 20- 25 mins). I have a selection of cushions available, but please bring one if that suits.

Usually some sound integrative work, led chanting, toning or sometimes conscious discussion.

Txt to confirm attendance 0274 984 520

Feel free to arrive a little early to prepare/slow down/chill.
Door closed at 5pm.


First time free

$5 – session

$20 – 5 sessions in advance