Beginning in my early 20’s, I leant meditation through lots of avenues, the most important one being my own practice! With appreciation for the many tools I received I have carved a unique practice for myself which connects in to what I believe is the Eternal Truth from which all religions and prayer/meditative traditions spring from. The words, systems and religions can be different but the work, the Truth and the Light is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever’

I believe this kind of Spiritual Work will be common place in the future and I am one of the many creating a format of life which includes it regularly, in all its beautiful differing forms.

I run sessions and weekend retreats sessions from my home in Pigeon Bay.


Pigeon Bay Meditation Studio

5 – 6pm

Includes breathing/stretching preparation, formal sitting (approx 20mins) and sound/vocal/chanting work to conclude the session.

Please txt first 0274 984 520

$10 per session or $50 for a month

Retreat Weekends

Pigeon Bay

Practising the Presence

July 2019 – Limit 6 (dates to be confirmed)

Recalibrate to a the natural daily rhythm where the Light in every living thing springs from, including all of us 🙂

Gently facilitated; from Friday night through till Sunday late afternoon.

In beautiful Pigeon Bay for the weekend, retreat includes sitting and walking meditations, some chanting/singing, a gentle integrative work period, afternoons of free time and communal meals.

Generally silent

Accommodation on-site and three basic meals provided daily.

$250 per person for the weekend.


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