The Process

These artistic images come through a meditation practice where breathing and stretching work is a lead in to sitting quietly, where a clear connection to God/Source/Universal Consciousness can be recognised.

Once this point of connection is reached, an image comes through as colour and form and often a title which describes the image/state/feeling I have received. It seems to bypass my rational mind and come direct from intuition. This clear, direct and now physically validated intuition is often surprising, always confirming and seems to allow life to unfold in a wise, deep and grounded way.

I believe the images are coded energetic geometric patterns which will become recognised in the future as humanity becomes more subtle and aware of what is at present, still a subtle invisible energy.

I also believe that everyone has in some way access to this intuitive and spiritual part of life and is a natural part of being human. The older religious structures (which have some sort of language for this part of life) are breaking down but this side of life will never, can never die, only be experienced through new forms and new ways in the modern world.

My images support this connection and part of life, for all who view or purchase an image.


1. On printed glossy artistic paper for you to frame (approx $250)

2. Thick lamimate which is its own frame, with wall attachments (approx $600)

3. Rugs for the floor (Price on application)

Current physical exhibition Ma Masion Restaurant – Akaroa

Best up to date images Instagram @fionagpb


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