Meditative Art – Working with the Denseness, Light into Denseness

Posted By On 27 Apr 2022

Life! It has ups and downs, highs and lows, sometimes long suffering, patience and periods of depression. All fine. I think we have been conditioned somewhat to only want or expect the happy bits, the light bits, the joy….and we judge, push away or hate the other parts. This image reminds that All States are […]

Mathematical Certainty

Posted By On 16 Aug 2019

How about, just for fun, we looked at our lives as a series of (or one big) mathematical problem, that we go about our lives attempting to solve.   We ponder, work and strive to solve these problems. To get to the point where we feel; I’ve got it, I’ve done it, that’s tidy, finished, […]

Basic Religion

Posted By On 10 Feb 2017

I have heard too many times.……. ‘I don’t believe in God. There is no God. God is only for people who need a sense of security. God starts all wars. God is a human made conception to keep people in line……believing in God is ridiculous in this scientific day and age’ And you know what, […]


Posted By On 21 Jan 2015

Most of us have known grief at some stage in our lives. It is a painful place that is hard to be in ourselves, and hard to see in others. We want to make the pain go away; we want it not to be there. (In my case sometimes I feel as if I am […]