Spiritual teacher Jack Kornfield wrote a book called ‘After the ecstasy, the laundry’ and I kinda get what he means.

After a twenties full of spiritual searching I had a pure direct ‘light’ experience at 28yrs old.

I thought I had made it! Everything made sense, every question I had ever had answered in a second. The pure light shone.

But then what?

I tried to keep it, tried to recreate it, got annoyed when I had to go back to work (local government over 15 years), felt resentful as I knew it was there all the time but I could not reach it just because I wanted to!

15 years later and I am still integrating this illuminating experience into a whole life, only beginning to understand the huge integration process that goes on with these experiences.

Only a humble student at the great Teachers feet.

I still believe 100% in the Truth and the Light and aim to work every day to understand more of the process, the transformational process we are all part of in humanities evolution.

I am now very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of New Zealand, and am able to practice the art of transformation, of integration and of incremental spiritual growth.

The Way is the same as it always was, the language and the forms change but the Way, The Truth and the Life is eternal, ever present and open for us all.