Covid – A Spiritual Crisis

Posted By On 08 Nov 2021

I think we all knew this was coming at some level…. Increasing population, overuse of resources, intensive farming, high rates of medication, extensive overseas travel, climate change, focus only on economic growth…. the list goes on. Intuitively we knew this was not sustainable. And now Covid is here. Even this follows on from a slow […]

Meditative Art – ‘Instruction’

Posted By On 03 May 2020

  Meditative Art – Instruction We all know when Instruction from God comes. It is clear and strong and direct. The feeling that comes with Gods instruction is calm and sure. If we feel rushed, anxious, not quite sure, then we are not at the point where clear instruction can come through and we can […]

Modern Prayer

Posted By On 22 Apr 2020

Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Prayer, Chanting, Karakia, Kirtan, Exercise, Dance, Walking, Quiet time, Rest etc… can all be forms of spiritual connection in this modern world. The names and forms are different, but the similarities are in the spiritual process. The process of balancing of our individual selves with the larger whole. Any type of prayer […]

Staying Sacred

Posted By On 20 Sep 2019

Meditative Art – [Sacred] This one came through from the ‘Ancient Keepers’ About keeping ourselves Sacred. As it came through it reminded me of all the times I have made choices in my life that took me away from my sacred self. On reflection these were times when I was busy, stressed, took the ‘easy […]

Teach her how to Pray

Posted By On 14 Sep 2019

I think it is really helpful to teach any young child ‘how to pray’ and I don’t mean in the old-fashioned religious way. I mean in the ‘there is an eternal natural balance based in goodness, which we are part of and can tune into’ and this tuning in can clear any unease we feel, […]

Fed by God

Posted By On 04 Sep 2019

I often have the feeling in meditation that I am being ‘fed’ energetically, like energy is pouring in, and I can just relax and soak it up. It comes in direct, bypassing my normal thought channels. Through the process sometimes a new thought will form, but from the incoming energy, not from my older regular […]

Mathematical Certainty

Posted By On 16 Aug 2019

How about, just for fun, we looked at our lives as a series of (or one big) mathematical problem, that we go about our lives attempting to solve.   We ponder, work and strive to solve these problems. To get to the point where we feel; I’ve got it, I’ve done it, that’s tidy, finished, […]

Working for God

Posted By On 21 Apr 2018

‘Working for God’ is a feeling, a consciousness, a place where we are naturally balanced, living authentically and with a grounded true purpose. We are living and working within a clear holistic life, and we know it. We all have times of being in these ‘Working for God’ places, and it’s great, life makes sense. […]

Resisting Reality

Posted By On 22 Sep 2017

Resisting Reality. What does that mean? The term came to me one day as I realised how many of our sufferings come from the resistance we have to just what is really happening. Really and Truly happening in our lives. We feel, think and have hunches about things but we don’t want to believe them, […]

Basic Religion

Posted By On 10 Feb 2017

I have heard too many times.……. ‘I don’t believe in God. There is no God. God is only for people who need a sense of security. God starts all wars. God is a human made conception to keep people in line……believing in God is ridiculous in this scientific day and age’ And you know what, […]