Meditation – A tool not a discipline

Posted By On 15 Oct 2015

Many of us now days are looking for a sense of the spiritual life outside of conventional religions and this is natural and progressive as the intuitive call to live our true lives is part of being human. We search and become attracted to meditation, yoga, reading, running or a specific teaching and, feeling a […]


Posted By On 11 Jul 2015

It is our human birth right to be free, and instinctive humanity knows it. All human rights, activism, constitutions, governments and even wars have this natural freedom as their base. A basic freedom to ‘be ourselves’, to live a life as a separate individual and to feel free, healthy and safe in that state. The […]


Posted By On 11 Feb 2015

We all want to live a life with meaning, purpose and truth. Underneath our myriad ways of expression we work for a life that is authentically ours, that helps our families, our society and the world we live in. Lucky for us then we all have an inbuilt internal roadmap to show us the way. […]


Posted By On 21 Jan 2015

Most of us have known grief at some stage in our lives. It is a painful place that is hard to be in ourselves, and hard to see in others. We want to make the pain go away; we want it not to be there. (In my case sometimes I feel as if I am […]

The New Job

Posted By On 28 Nov 2014

I had been in my job for six years. It was a high pressure time wise job where I had learnt really all I could, and I knew it was time for a change. I just wasn’t sure exactly how that was going to happen. As is my practise I went internal and listened for […]

The Water

Posted By On 22 Nov 2014

I am on a system here in the country with a spring way up the back of the neighbouring farm which provides water for three households and some stock water. We all have a responsibility for maintaining the system and there are no specific rules in place. At this particular time there was a problem […]

What’s this all about then…..

Posted By On 13 Sep 2014

This Blog has started as a way for me to express my own journey in a life with God (Or whatever word works for you) The mystery, the unfolding understanding and the examples in everyday life that we can learn from as we share together. Too often I find spiritual and religious writing really only […]