Posted By On 10 Nov 2016

Learning to live a spiritually minded life is like learning a new language. ‘Spirit’ is by its very nature invisible, in the realm of intuition, faith, feeling and energy and we use different senses to learn and work with this side of life. Not the well-known senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell but beyond […]

Every Day

Posted By On 24 Oct 2016

Living a balanced life means ‘tuning in’ every day. Tuning into our true balance, with the earth, with nature, our communities, our relationships and ultimately ourselves. When we tune in every day, we allow time for the recognition of the balance that is ‘already there’. With tuning in we give ourselves time and space for […]

Inner Certainty

Posted By On 24 Sep 2016

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult, but there is an Inner Certainty deep inside every one of us, that knows the Truth – What is right for us, what choices to make, what job to take, what relationship to begin, what thing we need to stand up for, or let go…. This Inner Certainty we can connect […]

The True Source

Posted By On 29 Mar 2016

You know that searching feeling, a sort of restlessness when something doesn’t feel quite right, a dissatisfaction, or when something is just ‘off’ in our lives? I think we all recognise these feelings and quite naturally we want to fix them. We look for answers in ourselves, in others, in change or we just try […]

How do you Pray?

Posted By On 05 Jan 2016

The concept of Prayer seems old fashioned to most. With connotations of pleading to some far off God in the hope that He will answer and give us what we want, this kind of prayer in our modern day lives appears to lack personal power or any sense of connection to ‘real life’. And yes, […]

Ground Level

Posted By On 22 Nov 2015

All too often on the Spiritual Path we rush onward with our newly found intuitions, feelings and excitement about what we are undertaking. We get a taste for the potential of life and instead of letting the process happen naturally and in an integrated way, we get ahead of ourselves. We forget that the spiritual […]

Essential Loneliness

Posted By On 11 Nov 2015

What if what we have defined as loneliness is actually an opportunity to open into a new relationship with the Truth of being, the great wonder of existence, or what older religions call God? What if delving into this space could answer all the questions you have ever had, and these answers came to you […]

Meditation – A tool not a discipline

Posted By On 15 Oct 2015

Many of us now days are looking for a sense of the spiritual life outside of conventional religions and this is natural and progressive as the intuitive call to live our true lives is part of being human. We search and become attracted to meditation, yoga, reading, running or a specific teaching and, feeling a […]


Posted By On 11 Jul 2015

It is our human birth right to be free, and instinctive humanity knows it. All human rights, activism, constitutions, governments and even wars have this natural freedom as their base. A basic freedom to ‘be ourselves’, to live a life as a separate individual and to feel free, healthy and safe in that state. The […]


Posted By On 11 Feb 2015

We all want to live a life with meaning, purpose and truth. Underneath our myriad ways of expression we work for a life that is authentically ours, that helps our families, our society and the world we live in. Lucky for us then we all have an inbuilt internal roadmap to show us the way. […]