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I have heard too many times.……. ‘I don’t believe in God. There is no God. God is only for people who need a sense of security. God starts all wars. God is a human made conception to keep people in line……believing in God is ridiculous in this scientific day and age’

And you know what, before I really knew, really understood for myself and had an internal knowing experience, I believed some of those too.

This ‘God’ that I know now is not the one I was taught about when I was little, it’s definitely not the one people think is ‘the cause of all the religious wars in the world’, and it’s only sometimes aligned to the one we search for in books and/or teachers.

But it’s there, this concept of ‘God’, and we all have a supremely personal connection to it. So personal we might not call it ‘God’, or realise it’s there, or even ignore its voice, but it’s there. Always.

It’s there when we are really happy, it’s there when we are really sad, it’s there when we are wondering ‘what to do?’ It’s there in moments of fear and panic and in moments of peace and wonder. It’s there at our birth and it’s there at our death, in fact it’s always been there and will always be there.

It is the unchanging, ever present eternal basic Goodness that we are part of as people living in the world.

We have (and rightly so) rejected religions that we don’t relate to, but some sense of a Basic Religion is just an understanding of our pure balance with this eternal, unchanging energy. When we are in balance with ‘God’ confusion lessons, certainty grows, real maturity happens.

But why do we need a sense of the ‘religous’ or some concept of? I think most people would agree it is folly to think we can live without being an integral part of something larger? But here’s the clincher: We did not decide to be born, decide our specific talents, place in the family, social structure or basic personality. We did not create ourselves. A tree does not plant itself.

So, as individuals, we are part of a larger process and through our life experiences we begin to understand our secondary nature, our true balance with the whole, and of real importance, our Humility with this knowledge.

Just stop for a moment and listen. Then you will hear the gentle hum of your thoughts and feelings pulsing through you and instead of trying to change them, to change ourselves personally (that is like a fig tree ‘trying’ to change into an apple tree – fruitless) we listen and we follow the dictates of our own soul (Oh the growth!)

It is communicating at every moment……like ‘I want to be a dancer, this person is not right for me to marry, I need to move to China, I want to buy a cat’ but sometimes we let other peoples or the worlds opinions tell us otherwise (you can’t be a dancer – you’re too short, don’t be silly, he loves you. China!!! What are you thinking? You’d be better with a dog) ……. but what we are hearing in our silent communion is our own truth guiding us and the suggestions will keep returning until we follow (obey) the commands of our very own soul.

This is all religion is. It is quite simple really. Stop every now and then and tune in (pray) and you will hear clearly what it is that your soul is calling you to do (Instruction from God) and then when you follow (obey) you will receive the fruits of your calling (wisdom, grace, strength) and at the centre of all of this, the pure light of Revelation. Leading Humanity On.

Every part of human history has this ‘Basic Religion’ as its base. Someone hearing the call and following the dictates of their soul through to completion. The bible is full of these stories. The core basic moral principles we live under came from prophets from the bible (from their connection with, and instruction from ‘God’). We can take the concept of Religion out of the picture and we still have the same process, the same stories.

But we need something because this process is invisible, is based in thought and feeling and comes to us and through us, is not given to us from another human and we do not create it ourselves.

Some form of ‘God’ or concept of, has always been there and will always be there. New insights will arise in each generation, new ways to live in tune with the whole will keep arising and we must allow them to come and not stay static or stuck in the past. We can change the words if we like, change the names and systems but the process is eternally the same.

Let’s listen, really listen to the dictates of our own soul….and then follow.

All we need in our own individual lives is to humble ourselves with this knowledge and in our own unique ways ‘Work out our own salvation’

You know what you need to do.

Begin today.

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