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Living a balanced life means ‘tuning in’ every day. Tuning into our true balance, with the earth, with nature, our communities, our relationships and ultimately ourselves.

When we tune in every day, we allow time for the recognition of the balance that is ‘already there’. With tuning in we give ourselves time and space for problems and concerns to be fully aired so we can see them clearly, fully acknowledge them, and in this open gentle space solutions and insights arise that naturally bring us back to our holistic balance, where we are making a natural healthy contribution to the world.

But like anything this is not just easy and straightforward and takes some discipline. It is easy to get distracted and start quite unwittingly living a life that is not authentically ours. But when we lose the way, even subtly we feel it in our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We feel things are just not quite right, that something is off. This starts small, with subtle hints, niggles and can process to larger mistakes and if we really don’t stop and listen we can make decisions that have repercussions further down the road of life (as you sow, so you shall reap) which take time to correct.

So we are invited to take some time every day to quieten ourselves, there are many ways, formal prayer, walking the dog, meditation, yoga, dancing, gardening, chanting but in this space we open ourselves to re-balancing, to harmonising ourselves with our true eternal balance in the world.

And in this space, just for the day we get a thought, a feeling, a message, an understanding of what is right for us. In the Christian tradition this line in the Lords Prayer is one my favourites ‘Give us today our daily bread’ which I interpret to mean, give me what I need today, just for today; what it right to do, to see, what decisions to make.

Often the answers we get are affirming, self-healing and supporting. For myself as I was going through some emotional discussions with a friend I took some quiet time and some tears came with the message that it was ok to feel fragile; just for today. (I had been feeling guilty because I was not completing other tasks that needed doing) but this gentle turning inward gave me the validation I needed for what I was feeling, just for the day.

It sounds lovely and simple but it’s not always. Life is challenging and difficult sometimes, do not be discouraged! Sometimes people say ‘I took some time out but didn’t get any clarity, or felt worse….’ This is fine and part of the process. For ‘ask and you shall receive’ just keep going daily and a nugget of truth will arise, taking us to the next and the next and the next. We gently but clearly find… and then follow, The Way.

Tuning in Every Day helps us to live Our life, our true and authentic contribution to the world. This is it, our one unique time alive in the world, we will not have another chance! Making this connection every day helps us to stay on track and do what is right and true for us, which (as is spiritual law) loves and blesses everyone around us.

From My day to Yours.

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