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I often have the feeling in meditation that I am being ‘fed’ energetically, like energy is pouring in, and I can just relax and soak it up.

It comes in direct, bypassing my normal thought channels. Through the process sometimes a new thought will form, but from the incoming energy, not from my older regular thinking patterns.

These new thoughts often come with a visual image and this is how my art is produced.

I think we can all have access to this creative ‘new’ thought, and not just through sitting meditation.

Anything where we are relaxing into a rhythm…breathing practices, manual labour which is not too taxing, light exercise, dancing, walking, regular routines…..even sex where the normal rational channels of thought are secondary…..and we can rest and be fed by connecting into a larger beat, a larger holistic whole, an eternal rhythm.

And this eternal rhythm can then speak back to us, creating a connection, a relationship, a communion.



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