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All too often on the Spiritual Path we rush onward with our newly found intuitions, feelings and excitement about what we are undertaking. We get a taste for the potential of life and instead of letting the process happen naturally and in an integrated way, we get ahead of ourselves. We forget that the spiritual life is just a subtler interpretation of all of life, of real life. Of Everything.

All is Always All! From the bountiful light heavens to the gracious grounded earth and everything in-between. We are always being called upon to move, to balance to integrate all these areas and being guided in this movement from the innate wisdom within us that Knows All. And when we forget, we are always reminded.

For me, after moving and travelling for many years, lately I have been getting very strong ‘messages’ to Stay Put. In following these leanings I am finding there is something very valuable in balancing and harmonising with the rhythms of nature, with the seasons and the days and allowing what comes to come. There is great healing and learning in staying still and grounded with just What Is.

We can often think that the answer to our problem is somewhere else, with some-one else or in another place but what if we just stayed where we were and rested at this Ground Level of our lives. What would happen if we were more observant and less reactive, more grounded and less flighty. What if we had more trust in this groundedness where true wisdom comes from, and let go of trying to work it all out just through our minds?

What if we listened to, and trusted this larger Goodness that Knows All. That leads us and shows us how to lead fully integrated and whole lives? That has a larger picture, a greater wisdom and a more thorough knowledge of True Balance than we can ever intellectually know.

Just lately I had taken four days out just to intensify my Prayer/Internal/Quiet time and during this time I did really connect in, draw a lot of pictures, did some writing, got some intuitions and generally felt connected. I love the periods in my life like this. Then on the last afternoon I found that the water here had a fault and I was in danger of having no water.  I was so annoyed (Why is this happening – I had been so calm and connected!!) I now had to deal with the very real practicalities of fixing my water supply.

When we try to separate anything in life, it doesn’t work. This Greater Good is larger than us all and is always attempting to balance the whole. My water system is just as important as my writing and Art. It is the very basis on which I can do the other. All is connected. We need to learn to release the attachments and flow with what is.

In another example the other weekend I was having a tough day and really wanted to reach out and ‘tell someone’ but I was aware that they had all heard it before. My Ground Level intuition was just to ‘Stay Put’ and while it was difficult, for maybe the first time I didn’t call someone and I just watched a movie and went to bed. And you know what. It just went away. The next day I got up and it had moved, just shifted, was not there anymore.

I felt like it had just let go by itself and I was moving toward my true natural balance being established with the wind and the trees and the moon. Perhaps I had been washed clean by fully experiencing the storm, by just staying in the storm until it had passed. Staying at Ground Level had somehow allowed it to come up, be seen and then to pass. There wasn’t even anything to work out. At the end there was just me and Nature and The Truth.

Living at this Ground Level is important in life, and if we can at least spend some of our time here we begin to recognise the part of this connection which imparts Wisdom, Eternal Truths and Grounded Love. This innate wisdom can guide our lives into a fully Integrated and holistic one where we are balanced, whole, connected and as a reflection of this, Naturally Spiritual.

Stay Grounded. Listen, and gently allow your life to find its unique and integrated balance.







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