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Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult, but there is an Inner Certainty deep inside every one of us, that knows the Truth – What is right for us, what choices to make, what job to take, what relationship to begin, what thing we need to stand up for, or let go….

This Inner Certainty we can connect to at any time, but the problem is we are often clouded by ‘other things’ – busyness, societies demands, by our own and others thoughts and opinions or often just our own agendas, plans, wants and needs.

But these moments of Inner Certainty are always there inside us, just waiting for us to be receptive, or even just to ask and then listen, and then they reveal themselves.

And when they arrive we ‘get it’, just for an instant; a connection, a point where we know, we recognise ‘oh this is true for me just now’.

And there it is, just like that. We are ‘re-set’ and on our own path again. We just know it.

But in this day and age of an ‘expert on everything’ we have to train ourselves to live in connection with these moments of Inner Certainty. It is all too easy to let others thoughts, societies projections or even our own fantasies cloud over our own certainty.

We must remember to make space in our lives to hear these wisdoms; and when we do hear them to honour them and follow them.

Often the best way to get to Inner Certainty is just to take some time out for ourselves and there in our gentle solitude the answers arise. We find the methods that work best for us through trial and error and we learn to see our doubts, fears and anxieties as only signposts that we are not quite there yet, haven’t quite reached the inner certainty where we know we have reached the Truth for us.

We can even make a connection in the really tough times. It might just be for an instant we get it, but that instant takes us on to the next and the next and the next. Sometimes when I am in a whirlwind I will get the gentle inner certainty just to ‘wait it out’ even sometimes for days, and I can gently follow this wisdom until things become clearer.

We learn to trust our certainties over time when following their wisdom works out. We realise they are our greatest guides and teachers, greater than any other human in our lives can be. We learn to really trust them and become confident with them.

These moments of certainty are incredibly important as they help us to clarify our unique position in the world, show us how to fulfil our mission for our lives, reveal our purpose, our reason for living. We are alive to learn and to grow and trials and tests are part of this growth but our Inner Certainties are always there to guide us.

In a small example in my life, the other month I was walking through town and seemingly out of nowhere experienced a larger more expansive Inner Certainty than I usually get, just a clear grounded clear sense of being myself (hooray)…..but it lasted about half an hour and then I rushed off to a meeting. As soon as I sat down at the meeting, it felt like something was ‘off’ but with my ingrained patterns of wanting to please and not wanting to offend, I sucked in my reservations and agreed with the others.

The whole thing that we were organising eventually fell over, just because the timing was out. I didn’t stay in my Certainty. I fell out of it, and the rest fell too.

I will have to pick myself up, dust myself off, get back to certainty again and learn to stay in it longer next time!

Life has its ups and downs but we are all walking the path, and honouring and following our Inner Certainties along the way.

Let us learn and grow together.


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