Posted By On 16 Aug 2019

How about, just for fun, we looked at our lives as a series of (or one big) mathematical problem, that we go about our lives attempting to solve.  

We ponder, work and strive to solve these problems. To get to the point where we feel; I’ve got it, I’ve done it, that’s tidy, finished, solved. Tick.

In some cases, the maths problem is easy 2 + 2 = 4 (Put the rubbish out on Tues), sometimes a harder one 526 + 56/8 x 45 (I need to tell my friend that I am unhappy about something they said) – this one requires more thought and maybe more time.

Sometimes we can get thrown a problem that we have no idea how to solve, its way above our maths grade!! -(-(-)(-)(-10x))=-5 solve for x. (I’ve lost my job, relationship, struck down with illness)

Whaaaaattt?? We exclaim! Is this for real? Sometimes it is, and we have to work harder, call in experts, try, try again, leave it aside, pick it up again…..then finally. Yes.

But what is common about all of these problems, is that, under the laws of mathematics, there is a solution out there. An 100% correct one. We can have Mathematical Certainty of that. This is reassuring to know. Even its really hard. There is an answer.

So, this too, can correlate to our real life. To know that for our problems there are answers with 100% certainty. But in our ‘real’ lives, instead of marking through correct numbers, we have to mark certainty through our internal guidance system, which tells us that the answer is correct, right and true. We feel the certainty in every cell in our body. This is the human equivalent of numerical mathematical certainty. You just know it when you get there, you feel it. Truth. Certainty. Knowing.

This real-life certainty can seem potentially not quite as simple as numerical maths! To get to our own ‘life certainty’ we must use all the information available to us. As well as the intellectual rational sides of our lives, ‘life certainty’ includes all of the invisible field that can’t be measured yet…..intuitions, feelings, hunches, inner guidance. All these need to line up in our ultimate life mathematical certainty. To the Yes.

Quantum physics has yet to catch up, all these invisible energies will be able to be measured in the future, but just not quite yet. Until then we have to rely on our feelings, thoughts, intuitions and inner guidance system. To get to the Truth and to the Light. To the certainty.

When it gets hard and confusing, what we must do is have faith and remember that this certainty is there, even if we can’t see it yet. We know that we will get there, to the knowing, to the rightness, to the correct answer. We will know.


Problems can occur when we lose faith……. we forget that mathematical certainty exists and we begin to think and feel that incorrect answers are fine and normal and in fact correct. We tell ourselves, its fine, it’ll be ok, no worries. But it’s not. If it doesn’t feel quite right, it is not. It’s not certain – Yet. Solved – Yet. Correct – Yet.

We need to keep working, keep meditating on the problem until our own inner compass tells us ‘yes’ this is correct. Not a little off, not just about right, not ‘I don’t care anymore’ but until its correct.

Its fine to not get it right first, second, thirtieth time, its fine to have a rest, take a break, put it aside for a while, as long as we are not concluding ‘That’s correct, I’m moving on’ – When it’s not.

Enough time trying to convince ourselves that an incorrect answer is correct can allow lots of other things to pile up in the ‘incorrect but thinking its correct’ bucket. Then our lives can start to get messy. Inauthentic.

Take some rest if we need, get some guidance. Clear some things in our lives so we can take some time to work on it, but with the understanding that the Mathematically Correct solution is out there.

There is certainty, and within this certainty, there is Truth and there is Light.

Keep Going until the Truth shines through. You will just know. If you are asking, am I there yet? You are not. Certainty is 100%. It feels (if only for second) complete and calm.

It’s hard. Sometimes a problem is really difficult and takes a long time to work through. I struggle, I do….and the struggle is part of the process.

I was feeling good and then decided to organise a party with my friends. The event, as it was organised in a group, took its own path and I felt that it wasn’t what I had first envisioned. It was in fact far too much for me hosting on the night and heaps happened that I am still at the tail end of processing through to Mathematical Certainty now.

Do I wish I had not had the party? No. But the learning was in how much energy it took, the lessons from the organising and running of it, and also the energetic processing it has taken to work through all of the parts of it back to clearness.

Someone might have said to me, ‘you should be over this by now’, or ‘it was only a party’, but these people are saying that its ok to have things half finished, not quite right, not quite certain. No. Process things until they are back to clarity, back to Truth, back to your unique Mathematical Certainty.

There is certainty, there is Truth and there is the light that shines as a by-product. Do not give in until you get there.

Work. Work.