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We all want to live a life with meaning, purpose and truth. Underneath our myriad ways of expression we work for a life that is authentically ours, that helps our families, our society and the world we live in. Lucky for us then we all have an inbuilt internal roadmap to show us the way.

To help us to read and understand this map there comes in life ‘Moments of Recognition’. These are special moments where certainty comes; a clarity, a knowing and an awareness of truth. We are filled with confidence and trust, grounded in our true purpose and guided towards our highest potential. We just know what to do, which way to go or not to go, what to let go of or what to reach out for.

Just to make it interesting though, these moments don’t happen all the time and we can’t force them into being. More often than not they come when our human mind is secondary, in habit or ritual, in just relaxing or letting go after a period of striving. Sometimes even in the midst of great joy or a crisis, when our instinctive side is to the fore and we just let go, we can recognise them. A ‘still small voice’, a strong connection, a click or just a gentle peaceful presence. These moments can be surprising, reassuring, validating or even cautionary. But there is no doubt. Deep down we know they are true.

They can be so sacred that we talk of them to very few people, or they are so quiet and internal that we ignore them plunging back into the swirling life we are living, only to recognise later that they were completely right. Something within us remembers. And knows.

The map is there and these moments must come, it is Natural Law and unavoidable. We are all here to live out our mission and purpose and we are not left alone. There is a sense to our lives, a perfect design and a perfect plan to unfold. Every blade of grass, every flower and tree has the same design built into it. These moments come from the very source that made and connects us all.

Biblically these moments are described as ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’. The story of the little bit of yeast leavening the whole loaf explains how these little signposts can be the foundation of a whole life as we learn to trust them. All the great prophets in all religious traditions have recognised the messages they received from ‘God’ and followed them, leading entire nations, creating history and shaping the world we now live in.

These moments of recognition are special and give us strength, perseverance, hope and faith as we learn about ourselves and our map, our perfect individual mission within the larger whole. They allow us to live an authentic, purpose filled, fulfilling and rewarding life.

Listen, Trust and Lovingly Honour them.

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