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Meditative Art – [Sacred]

This one came through from the ‘Ancient Keepers’

About keeping ourselves Sacred.

As it came through it reminded me of all the times I have made choices in my life that took me away from my sacred self.

On reflection these were times when I was busy, stressed, took the ‘easy way out’ or thought it was fine because ‘everyone else was doing it’. But what we can do in these times is lose a little of ourselves, our personal power, our health, wealth, wisdom and importance.

It takes listening, strength and often a sense of ‘prayer’ to keep ourselves within our sacred centres. Sometimes it means a difficult but correct choice or course of action.

When we live with a sense of sacredness the flow, inner certainty, joy, wisdom, truth and grace that we express helps us build sure, steady and clear lives.

This sense of sacredness supports our health, our wisdom and our Wholeness.

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