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You know that searching feeling, a sort of restlessness when something doesn’t feel quite right, a dissatisfaction, or when something is just ‘off’ in our lives? I think we all recognise these feelings and quite naturally we want to fix them. We look for answers in ourselves, in others, in change or we just try and ignore it and sweep it into the background….hoping it goes away.

Well this article is here to say these uneasy feelings are quite true and correct. They are leading us to find the answers that are most certainly there. The old sayings ‘Seek and You Shall Find’, ‘Knock and the Door will Open’ and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’ are all true.

The answers are there and we can all live a life with our very own truth, wisdom, and innate certainty. These truths are as unique and individual as we are and when we live from this place we feel right, true, purposeful and light naturally shines from us.

But what’s interesting is that when we find and live from this place we realise in hindsight the ‘search’ was just our natural self-expression all along! Through the process of us following our natural impulses, hunches, thoughts and feelings right to their conclusion questions, doubts and fears are naturally resolved and we get to know ourselves better and live more authentic lives. The old saying ‘Know Thyself’ is eternally true.

But wait there’s more! Through this process of discovering our authentic selves we cannot help but ultimately find where this ‘self’ truly comes from. Through experience and gentle revelation we also discover our True Source.

We realise it was never fully personal. We follow our thoughts, feelings and impulses to become more of ourselves but where do these come from? Did we create ourselves? Our thoughts? Our feelings? No. Something larger than us is pushing us, pulling us nudging us. We realise our secondary nature.

This secondary nature reflects a larger source that is guiding, influencing and is fact an integral part of us. Through expressing our individual nature we realise that this same source is governing larger laws that are eternal, universal and omnipresent, and we can be in perfect balance with it all. We begin to understand and relate to the eternal truths found throughout time and woven through all wisdom, poetry, arts and religions.

For the purposes of this article I am calling this ‘True Source’ God but please substitute it for one that works for you; Truth, Soul, Universal Wisdom, Energy, Love etc. This ‘something larger’ governs the entire universe in harmony and balance and we are perfect part of this order.  Using the biblical term ‘God created the world and it was Good’.

As we humble ourselves to these truths, with relief we recognise our minds only as a secondary tool.  Our minds in anxiety or stress or turmoil are just a sensor, a reflection of how far away we are from true balance with God. And when we come back into tune with God (natural harmony) our thoughts come right and into balance and they are now useful, constructive and helpful to all.

Our relationship with God is actually Mathematically Certain and since God is good, true love, wise and natural so must we be to be part of it. The True Source is leading us to be ‘ourselves’ and in this is our perfect balance with the whole, and our purposeful contribution to our world.

We can struggle in life but this is only because we lack the tools to fully interpret what we are feeling or thinking. Without getting right to the bottom, to the real truth of things, we are left worried and concerned but can’t quite pinpoint why.  How many times have we heard the story of someone getting married, knowing ‘it wasn’t quite right’ but pushing on anyway, someone rushing a decision that wasn’t settled yet, or an unacknowledged depression about being in the wrong job, city or relationship?

God is the True Source of all and there is nothing hidden that won’t be bought to light, nothing dirty that won’t be cleaned, nothing unsaid that won’t eventually be understood.

The Truth is the Truth and is as eternally unchanging as the waves rolling on the shore, a tree growing in the forest, a mother naturally nursing her young. We cannot avoid it. We are secondary to it.

So keep going, keep asking, keep opening, keep searching. And you will find.

Through Gods gracious (and sometimes to us mysterious ways) ‘We shall know the Truth and the Truth will set us free’

In my case I have moved, jobs, cities, relationships all that didn’t feel quite right. I kept searching until the light shone and I understood through experience.

God is not influenced by man, but man is healed/balanced/corrected as he harmonises with God.

We are all part of a larger whole and have a perfect balance within it. Every cell in our body is showing us the way there. Listen, honour, follow and with gracious love, Accept It.

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