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I am on a system here in the country with a spring way up the back of the neighbouring farm which provides water for three households and some stock water. We all have a responsibility for maintaining the system and there are no specific rules in place.

At this particular time there was a problem with the water where it appeared there was a leak somewhere but no one knew quite where in the system. As we all live in slightly different parts of the farm it seemed fair to check our own bits out first. We all did. Still a leak.

I found myself getting a bit stressed and thinking that the neighbour might be blaming me for the problem as I was the farthest away.

My initial tendency is to ‘ask for help’ and I wanted rather neurotically and insistently to talk to the neighbour about what all the possible scenarios could be. We had already many conversations about this and I felt it was time to move on from this. Another option was to get a plumber in and pay for him or her to ‘investigate’ the problem which could take a long time. I was getting anxious in this situation as water is an essential in any household and this situation needed to re resolved, and in some sort of joint way.

As has been my training over the past few years I thought I would ‘Take it to God’ I went into my ‘closet’ (a room I have outside) and ‘shut the door’.

As I calmed I got a message intuitively to WAIT until the next day. This I could do. Even though the anxiety was still there I could wait for half a day. I let it go and waited.

On waking the next day I was thinking I really did need to ring the neighbour to ‘talk’. Again I got the message, wait another day. I waited another day. The next day I felt sure it was time to talk again but again in my quiet internal reflection and waiting, came the message WAIT another half day.

This time I did so but with some concern. I note here that all the anxiety, the need to talk, the needing external help was still there but it was further back than the wisdom I had got to WAIT. The Wisdom was stronger, and I was willing to trust it(just!)

It was with great gratitude that the situation was resolved in that time by a call to me from the neighbour. What could of been a major drama had been resolved with peaceful, inoffensive and ‘invisible’ way.

We can train ourselves in Wisdom, through experience, and for me this does not just include the rational and intellectual. We all have ingrained methods of dealing with things which we know by experience aren’t working for us.

There is another way but you need to give space, time and trust to this new way and then PRACTISE makes PERFECT.

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