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This Blog has started as a way for me to express my own journey in a life with God (Or whatever word works for you)

The mystery, the unfolding understanding and the examples in everyday life that we can learn from as we share together.

Too often I find spiritual and religious writing really only focusing on the theory but missing out on individualising these theories into everyday life.

This Blog is about the individualisation of the truths unfolding in my life.

For me, as I started on the spiritual path, I had some huge highs, I felt like I touched heaven, and I know that this exists but then I am deposited into everyday life, bills, family, relationships, life! I wonder where it all went and how I integrate into my life.

I am learning the reverence of the spiritual and religious life. The secondary nature that we all are to the one primary cause. I know God is talking to us all the time but we need to learn how to listen, how to really listen.

I has some quiet time a few weeks ago and could just really listen to my thoughts. I had a reoccurring one to contact my Auntie. In everyday life I may of brushed it off, or merely put it off. My human side didn’t want to have issues and so was telling me that there was no problems but again and again it kept coming up, this nagging feeling to contact her.

Well, I finally plucked up the courage and it was fine, we had a conversation through txt that sorted the whole issue out and it is now settled to completion.

We need to take the time to have quiet in our days, just little bits to really hear our thoughts, allow them space to show themselves, and then follow through on their promptings.

Taking time out to be still will become increasingly common in our lives as we meld technology with meditative awareness, then we will have the best of both worlds.

Take the time today to have some stillness and see what is sitting there in the background needing your attention.

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