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‘Working for God’ is a feeling, a consciousness, a place where we are naturally balanced, living authentically and with a grounded true purpose.

We are living and working within a clear holistic life, and we know it.

We all have times of being in these ‘Working for God’ places, and it’s great, life makes sense. Hooray! But then what?

Oh No! We feel like we get knocked off, or fall back into old patterns of being and feel less than, disempowered. It is then that we have to remember that the feeling, the surety will come back, and it does. Sometimes it can take a long time but it does come back.

In my life, over two years ago I was strongly in this true space. From this place it came clearly to me to move forward and undertake both a work contract and to investigate a personal connection. (Honestly when both of these opportunities came along and I felt like my prayers had been answered – they were things I had been hoping for)

But then……….what seems to happen as soon as we commit!? We are tested, obstacles come up, roadblocks, difficulties. This is not what we asked/hoped/prayed for! What is going on!!? And for me it became challenging, sometimes very to stay in the clear ‘Working for God’, space while undertaking these two experiences.

I committed to these two opportunities with surety and went in, doing the very best I could and it some of it was good but then what came back to me was resistance, correction, even anger. These emotions tested me staying in a ‘Working for God’ consciousness. They made me question myself, and at some stages lose this strong clear energy.

It made me think: What was going on? Was I wrong? Was I right? What is ‘right and ‘wrong’ in the middle of a storm?

And it made me reflect on this question;

When is this ‘knocking me off my centre energy’ – resistance, correction and even anger helpful to take on board as a healthy rebuke, and when is it just a test that we need to stand up for ourselves/back ourselves and move forward?

Answer, I think multifaceted. Sometimes we need the reflection from others to learn and grow from, to gain more humility. But on the other hand, some of the most inspiring people I have met in my life, just carry on, they do not worry about these things, a rebuke clarifies their position and gives them strength to move forward.

On genuine reflection through my experiences, I think often it is a bit of both. There is a lovely middle road here and our connection with our ‘Working for God’ energy and reflection with wisdom, will point out the True Way.

This is difficult sometimes, and it was for me but this is honest Life. To continue to ‘Work for God’ and to be open to the tests and lessons it brings us. To keep our integrity, to give space to others to have theirs and navigate the intricacies of negotiation, agreement (or not!) and to know when to stay, and when to go.

Always, God has a larger purpose for our greatest good, giving us exactly what we need, teaching us, keeping us humble or giving us courage perfectly as needed.

Are we willing to have faith in this? To follow the Christian command “Thou shall have no other Gods before Me (our spiritual connection)” and Trust that as we are ‘Working for God’ all will be revealed?

Do we continue to answer the call through all of it? To live our Truth, the Truth, the eternal calling for authenticity, integrity and honest goodness.

Yes I believe we do.

We will continue to follow the Eternal Call……..towards the Truth, and towards the Light.


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